Dead God Land: Zombie Games MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money) v0.0.0191

Dead God Land: Zombie Games MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money) v0.0.0191 (Menu, Unlimited Money)
App Name Dead God Land: Zombie Games
Genre Role Playing
Size 790 MB
Version 0.0.0191 (Latest)
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited Money
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Update April 11, 2024 (1 week ago)
Download (790 MB)
  • MENU
  • Unlimited Money


Enable/disable the MOD feature before loading the game.

Many fierce and thrilling details

Dead God Land: Zombie Games opens the story with many thrilling details like a movie. Especially when the character Rick, after briefly struggling with the island’s challenges, managed to trick a horde of ferocious zombies into running into an open door in a bunker near the shelter. Rick that time hid behind a large machine and locked the bunker door from the outside. Turn off the air supply to kill all zombies in it. From the outside, looking through the slot of the bunker, you discovered in horror that the frantic struggling zombies were your teammates.

How do you feel at that time?

Madness, panic, self-blame, repentance, panic, disorientation, loneliness… And then you finally have to accept this harsh reality again. Let go of all those who had been his comrades and step out to an abandoned car nearby. There are a lot of useful loot, guns, armor, ammunition, canned food, medical tools… Almost everything you need for your next survival is in the car compartment.

A little reassurance rose to erase the guilt just now. You begin to understand that from now on it is only you to continue on this path of fighting without knowing the exit. All alone, unless there’s a human left on this island.

Days and weeks have passed, and you have settled down with your strategy of battle, defense, self-defense, and food distribution and have managed to live in harmony with the restless life here. But you are always on the lookout for one thing, does the zombie have a boss? Where is it, how is it, and what will happen if you destroy this boss?

So a new adventure opens, and you are determined to find the boss zombie of the boss on the island. The journey of discovery, crafting, survival, and combat continues without end.

Potential for growth and expansion

Surprisingly, with the zombie story built quite deeply like in Dead God Land: Zombie Games, there is both a single mode and a multiplayer mode. The game’s cooperative and PvP modes announced by the publisher are being planned and will likely be released in the next updates.

The developer also intends to create epic PVP arenas for players to fight for survival and find the island’s most veteran warrior.

If completed, this must be an extremely interesting online survival mode. And you, now, will no longer be alone fighting the zombie horde.

Many exquisite activities in the same game

Although it is still a form of survival and zombie combat, Dead God Land: Zombie Games is divided into many small missions, each with different requirements and instructions. For example, with zombies, each small boss is interesting in its own way, they have their own abilities, but only by completing the assigned task, you can collect the necessary instructions and clues on how to destroy them. they.

Crafting weapons and items from basic to advanced such as clothes, sleeping places, axes, hammers, knives, swords, and bows… is also a pretty fun part of the game. By collecting many items that are around or found on the road, you will make the items and weapons you like to ensure your survival.

Download Dead God Land: Zombie Games MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money) v0.0.0191

Download (790 MB)

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