Survival Girl APK + MOD (High Damage) v951

Survival Girl APK + MOD (High Damage) v951 (High Damage)
App Name Survival Girl
Genre Role Playing
Size 160 MB
Version 951 (Latest)
MOD Info High Damage
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Update March 20, 2023 (3 months ago)
Download (160 MB)
  • MENU
  • God Mode
  • High Damage
  • No Reload
  • Fast Speed


You need to enable the MOD feature before the battle.

* Add new weapons and new materials
* League match improvements
* Add Abyss Awaken package 1~2

Fight with many factions at the same time

Along with the legitimate goal of fighting against the autocratic APEX forces, the leader of the Bolters also needs to deal with a lot of monster enemies, which are still left after the explosion of the past. Both APEX and monsters, zombies are your enemies. This means players will have to coordinate the strategic placement of their heroines to simultaneously fight against these two cruel forces. Survival Girl is therefore strategic from the very beginning.

It doesn’t seem that simple. Imagine you have 4-5 heroines and dozens of enemies, the imbalance in numbers will lead to a quick defeat.

Fortunately, Survival Girl has Auto-Battle support. With this feature, you will focus on the fierce fighting phases of the heroine’s group without having to perform too many repetitive actions. Your job is just to focus on strategy and tactics to position the heroines on your battlefield.

The difficulty of the player is to spread or concentrate forces, on positions so that the advantages of this person compensate for the weaknesses of the other so that the heroines automatically fight and bring back the spoils for future wars. This is also the tactical challenge that Survival Girl brings.

Recruit mighty heroines

As the commander of the Bolter army, you will have to constantly recruit young, dynamic talents to urgently confront the corporations of monsters, zombies, and the dictatorial Empire.

With the feats accumulated on the battlefield, you will begin to collect new heroines. Each newcomer is very beautiful and cute in her own way with a cute little chibi anime figure. Each one also possesses special abilities and is divided into several ranks, including Quality, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Each heroin belongs to one of the classes offered by the game including Ranger, Charger, Artillery, Sniper, and Support. Corresponding to each class will have its own set of specialized weapons. Specifically, Rangers and AR Assault Rifles, Charger uses SG Pistols, Artillery uses GL Grenade Launchers, Sniper uses RF Rifles and Support uses SMG Submachine Guns.

To achieve the best combat results, you will need to work with your heroins to collect many victories on the battlefield. Thereby you can obtain rare items that can be used to create more unique weapons for the whole army. However, it should be noted, under the tyrannical rule of APEX, all resources are strictly controlled, and the items you find on the battlefield are mostly collecting loot from the enemy and taking advantage of them. Be smart, and economical to create many new weapons.

By strategically setting smart positions, constantly recruiting talented generals, properly recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of each general, and continuously creating new weapons, you will gain many significant advantages on the battlefield.

Download Survival Girl APK + MOD (High Damage) v951

Download (160 MB)

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