Tag After School APK v9.2

Tag After School APK v9.2
App Name Tag After School
Genre NSFW
Size 93 MB
Version 9.2 (Latest)
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Update November 7, 2023 (6 months ago)
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Like many other chase horror games, you will have to find the key to escape the haunted abandoned school.

But not only finding the key is enough, you also have to constantly hide to not face any female ghosts lurking here. The key is to run fast from corner to corner, move very gently and then be smart to find the safest hiding place. So you gradually go through the rooms, the hall, the gymnasium … to find a way to find the damn key without any ghost in the middle.

However, life is not always rosy. If the game is not difficult then we don’t call it a game. No matter how hidden, there will come a time when you will encounter one of those crazy ghosts. If they meet face-to-face, the female ghost will take off her clothes to reveal her sexy body to the maximum and begin torturing you in many different ways. After being tortured, you will lose a heart. When you run out of hearts and you still can’t find the key, you will die.

So another small but quite important task, you have to find a way to fill your heart before it runs out and pray to God to live long until 6am the next morning.

Graphics and sound

Although it is a horror game, the graphics in Tag After School are not too sharp. The game uses typical pixel art that is not very attractive in terms of color, but in return, the character movements are very attractive, especially the scenes that are difficult to describe in words.

The sound is also pretty daring. Throughout the game, there is a creepy atmosphere spreading with haunting laughter that echoes everywhere. The “abc” scenes do not need to be said, you will understand when you listen. So, don’t play this game when your parents are around or when you are at work or in a crowded place. It’s a bit embarrassing.

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Download (93 MB)

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