Z.O.N.A Project X APK v3.00 (Paid Full Game)

Z.O.N.A Project X APK v3.00 (Paid Full Game)
App Name Z.O.N.A Project X
Genre Action
Size 364 MB
Version 3.00 (Latest)
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Update March 20, 2023 (1 year ago)
Download (364 MB)

– Improved textures in levels considering that the game was released in 2014
– Minor bug fixes and improvements
– Support for Android 12 and higher


Z.O.N.A Project X is a first-person FPS shooter game, you have to alone explore large areas, shoot down all enemies in sight and complete assigned tasks. Often in apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic contexts, we will often think of the war with zombies. However, your opponent in Z.O.N.A Project X does not have any zombies, instead there are creatures that have been modified by radioactive substances to the point of being unable to recognize its former self.

The game requires you to have a relatively good English to grasp the story line. The dialogues and warnings appear constantly that you will only feel less than half the game if you ignore them. Each dialogue is an integral part of the plot. After each chapter, you piece them together into a complete block to understand the villain’s plots and ultimate goals.

Z.O.N.A Project X does not have a fast-paced rhythm like many other action games do. Instead, players will feel the tension when groping in an extremely large and unknown space, where opponents can jump out at any time.

There really won’t be too many enemies for you to shoot continuously, the player’s main task is to find the location of the laboratory at Chernobyl. However, each time the enemy appears, you have to strain your brain to fight. Cut each bullet one by one, otherwise, just a few loopholes, the enemy can also let you “log out”.

Diverse arsenal

To survive in a world as large and dangerous as Z.O.N.A Project X, it is indispensable for heavy guns to fight any enemy. The game has a diverse arsenal that includes a variety of powerful firepower. You can carry several different guns along the way and use them flexibly.

Graphics and sound

There has been a lot of positive feedback on this aspect of Z.O.N.A Project X, if you experience it, you will feel the same. The game has very realistic graphics. The space is always covered by dense fog, ruined buildings, and the ruins of war make players shudder when they have to explore them.

The sound is also a big plus that has created the success of the game. You will definitely get goosebumps when you hear the high-pitched screams, the somewhat fearful gasps of the characters and especially the haunting ghostly background music that is what makes Z.O.N.A Project X brand “horrified”.

Download Z.O.N.A Project X APK v3.00 (Paid Full Game)

Download (364 MB)

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